This is a sample testimonial to show you how to do it. Put the name of the write in the line above where Sample 1 is. Look to your right and on the Page Visibility box check the at least the first first item Show Testimonial. If you do not check that box the testimonial will not show up on your page. Here is what each box does. Page Visibility: Show Testimonial will put it on the testimonial page. Show Rating will add stars to the testimony. This can be used now but will be more meaningful when we add an email function so you can requests testimonies by email and the author of the testimonial can do the rating. Show City will add the city the author is located in. This adds a little SEO juice to your website. Sidebar Visibility and Facebook Visibility word the same way as the Page Visibility but in different areas. The Sidebar Visibility works if you have a sidebar widget installed. The Facebook Visibility is a future feature that will add your testimonials to your Facebook page as reviews. To display your testimonials on a page, place this code in the page. Include the [] brackets. [ma-testimonial] Once you have added your own testimonials un-check the boxes in the Page Visibility box and the public won't see this information.

- Sample 1, St Louis Park

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