Spring cleaning can be so cathartic

By Veronique Kipen

Make it easy on yourself and cart your cleaning supplies in a caddy, like this pail.

In the beginning, there was dirt. Lots of it. From the layer of black ash put out by coal-fired heaters to the sooty grime of gas and kerosene lamps, for turn-of-the-century housekeepers, spring cleaning was a necessity. A hundred years later, we’re free to choose. The urge to clean house when the days turn balmy springs as much from the soul as the grime.

“Spring cleaning is cathartic,” says Maggie Bright of Mackerel Sky Design in Malibu, Calif. “It frees you up from those jobs you’ve left undone that have been hanging over your head for months.”

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Dust it, Mop it or Give it Away

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